Redpoint Climbing - Sustainability

The only way that we can keep enjoying the outdoors is if we respect the environment. Here are some ways Redpoint Climbing is committed to sustainability:
  1. Our shoe packaging is a 100% post-consumer box with paper wrapping
  2. All of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Here is a simple guide on how to dispose of compostable satchels.
  3. Our preferred courier is Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and certified B Corporation
  4. We are working on developing climbing shoes that don't use real leather but are just as comfortable and durable
  5. The magnesium carbonate in our liquid chalk is sustainably sourced from seawater
  6. Aside from our Australian Sandstone coloured chalk, we are developing products that can help climbers leave nothing behind at the crag
  7. We promote liquid chalk refills and our liquid chalk bottles are recyclable

We’re  committed to sustainability, but we’re not 100% perfect. If you have any feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve our footprint on the planet, please let us know below.

Sustainability Feedback