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Our mission is to make climbing more sustainable and accessible by creating high quality climbing gear that supports the community we love.


Redpoint Ascend

The Redpoint Ascend is an all-round climbing shoe designed for wide feet.

Featuring wide toe box and soft leather upper that moulds to your feet, the Redpoint Ascend is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Suitable for rock climbing and bouldering.

  • Ryan S.


    "The Redpoint Ascend shoes are a must have. As I am new to the bouldering scene, I was overwhelmed with choices until I came across Redpoint. The shoes fit so well and are so comfortable. Could not recommend more!!!!!"

  • Jono


    "Redpoint liquid chalk applies cleanly in a thin, neat layer with no annoying chunks or lack of coverage. It also dries quickly, which is great for those of us that hate resting (wasting time) between attempts!"

  • Sam T.


    "I love them! They've got great support and are sooo comfortable (esp since I have wider set feet). Thanks so much for creating such a great shoe!! ❤️"

  • Adam


    "Bought this at La Roca, been using it since we've been allowed to climb again! It's great, puts on great coverage and stays on well enough to complete a few problems before reapplying. Great to support Aussie products."

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