Australian climbing shoes & chalk

Our mission is to make climbing more sustainable and accessible by creating high quality climbing gear that supports the community we love.


Redpoint Ascend

The Redpoint Ascend is an all-round climbing shoe designed for wide feet.

Featuring wide toe box and soft leather upper that moulds to your feet, the Redpoint Ascend is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Suitable for rock climbing and bouldering.

  • Anonymous


    “I used it the coloured chalk on Woodford sandstone and it started to cover up the white stains by previous climbers who haven't learnt how to brush the holds! This will solve the problem of cliffs losing their majesty after being covered in white chalk marks.”

  • Sam T.


    "I love them! They've got great support and are sooo comfortable (esp since I have wider set feet). Thanks so much for creating such a great shoe!! ❤️"

  • Peter Z.


    "The liquid chalk is easy to apply, just a few drops and you are away. Highly recommend this product, if you are into bouldering, rock climbing or getting your Ninja Warrior on!"

  • Caley C.


    "I used the liquid chalk for the first time tonight and it was awesome! It lasted a long time I never felt like I needed to re apply."

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