Game On! Improve Your Climbing Technique with Six Fun Games

Lady bouldering using any coloured holds whilst wearing Redpoint Climbing shoes
If you’re a rock climber or boulderer, you know that improving your technique is key to becoming a better climber. But it can be hard to stay motivated and focused, especially if you’re stuck in between levels or you are waiting for the gym to reset. Here are some fun challenges you can play at any bouldering gym or climbing gym to improve your bouldering and climbing technique in a more enjoyable way:
  1. Freeze: Anytime when you're hand is about to touch a hold, freeze for 3 seconds before you touch it. This climbing game not only helps with strength training, it also forces you to use more technique as holding on with only 3 points of contact requires efficient body placement.
  2. No hands or no feet: Find a slab problem with large sized holds and aim to climb the entire route without hands touching the holds. This helps you train balance, strength and control. A variation is no feet or using only one foot to improve power or body positioning on overhung terrain.
  3. Elimination (bouldering only): Climb a problem all the way through, then choose a hold to eliminate. Attempt the problem again without using the eliminated hold. This is even more fun with a group of friends, where you can challenge each other and take turns until no one can complete the problem.
  4. Silent feet: In this game, you must climb without making any noise with your feet. The goal is to climb slowly, aiming for precise footwork and body positioning.
  5. Time’s up: Set a time limit (e.g. 3 minutes) to climb as many boulders as possible. This game trains your power and route reading.
  6. Pointer or Twister (2+ players): Ask a friend to call out which next hold you must use. You can also use a laser pointer or a long chalk brush to point out the next hold. A variation is to use the Twister spinner app on your phone to randomly specify the hand/foot and colour of the next hold that must be used.
  7. Traverse (bouldering only): Traverse horizontally around the entire length of a bouldering wall without falling off, using holds of any colour. This works on your endurance and is a great way to warm up.
Who says training has to be boring? With these climbing games, you can have some fun while improving your climbing and bouldering technique. These games are sure to keep you engaged and motivated so that next time you hit up real rocks in Australia, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Game on – climb on!