Redpoint Climbing - Our Story

It all started with one question - why can't we find high quality climbing shoes that are comfortable and don't cost a fortune?

When we first started climbing, we weren’t ready to spend too much on our first pair of shoes, however rental shoes were generally poor fitting, uncomfortable and limits performance. Especially for climbers with wide feet or flat feet.

We realised that as the climbing community grows, other climbers may also find that expensive and uncomfortable gear is a blocker to getting the most enjoyment out of climbing. 

So, we embarked on the journey to create the perfect pair of climbing shoes that are affordable and comfortable (even for wide feet and flat feet). After all, #ClimbingIsForEverybody and we want to share our passion for climbing with others that might enjoy it too.

As sustainability has always been a personal focus for us, Redpoint naturally inherited this streak. It is the climbing community's responsibility to maintain the crags and respect Traditional Owners of the land so that future generations can enjoy these crags too. To this end, we have developed Australian Sandstone coloured chalk and are currently developing more products that can help climbers leave nothing behind at the crag.

Find out about our other sustainability efforts here, our partnership with Sport Climbing Victoria, and the climbing shoes scholarship we run together with ClimbingQTs.

- Jack & Katie, co-founders

Why 'Redpoint'?

To Redpoint a climb is to successfully finish the climb after several tries. This reflects our belief that climbing is for everybody, regardless of fitness and capability. For us, climbing is all about having fun whilst solving problems.

In fact, our logo design represents a climber looking up at an overhang, mentally solving the problem and visualising the flow. Can you see it?