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Redpoint Climbing - Our Story

We started Redpoint to make climbing more accessible by creating high quality climbing shoes that are comfortable and don’t cost a fortune.

Climbing is a sport we’re passionate about. When we first started climbing, we weren’t ready to spend too much on our first pair of shoes, however rental shoes were generally poor fitting. When we bought our first pairs of shoes at a reasonable price, they were uncomfortable and limited our performance.

Many years and many pairs of shoes later, we identified the key criteria for an excellent first pair of climbing shoes:

  1. Full leather upper that is breathable and moulds to your feet
  2. Stiff midsole that supports your feet on small holds
  3. Rubber sole that balances stickiness and durability

We are confident that the Redpoint Ascend Climbing Shoe provides the best comfort and value for beginner to intermediate climbing and bouldering.

- Jack & Katie, co-founders

Redpoint Climbing Shoes Founders Jack Tho Katie Chuang