A simple guide to composting mailing satchels

All of our mailing satchels are home compostable, certified by the Australian Standard AS 5810-2010. This means that a minimum of 90% of the satchel will biodegrade within 180 days in a home compost, leaving no toxic effect to compost, plants and earthworms. Follow our simple guide below on how to dispose of compostable mailing satchels.

  1. Cut off the label and any sticky tape. These go into a regular rubbish bin
  2. For home composts, cut the satchel into strips to help it break down faster
  3. For the green waste bin provided to your home by your local council, call or email your local council first to check if they accept compostable satchels
  4. If you don’t have a home compost and your local council doesn’t accept compostable satchels, visit www.sharewaste.com to find a local home-composting enthusiast near you!
how to dispose of compostable satchels flow chart


  • What happens if the satchels end up in landfill? We hope they don’t end up in landfill! If they do, they will still biodegrade, but take longer to do so. Like any other rubbish that ends up in landfill, compostable satchels will release methane gas. That’s why it is important to place them in the compost instead.
  • Can the satchels go into a worm farm? Absolutely! Part of the Australian Home Compostable Standard AS 5810-2010 is a worm toxicity test, and these satchels all pass with flying colours!