Friction Bouldering Ballarat - Victoria's newest climbing gym

Friction Bouldering Ballarat Wall

Victoria's latest bouldering gym, Friction Bouldering, opens its doors in Ballarat on Saturday 26 February, 2022. As the only bouldering gym in the area, residents in Victoria's west can now access the sport that is taking Australia by storm.

Situated 2 hours from the Grampians, Ballarat is often a stop over for Melbourne climbers enroute to Gariwerd (the Grampians). You can pick up a bag of Redpoint Climbing coloured chalk from Friction Bouldering's on-site climbing shop. Coloured chalk helps absorb the sweat on your hand so you can hang onto those rocks for longer. The chalk colour is formulated to blend into the Australian Sandstone that you typically find in nearby Gariwerd and Djurite (Arapiles). Coloured chalk is preferred over white chalk as it does not leave visible marks on the rock.

Friction Bouldering Ballarat stocks Redpoint Climbing Australian Sandstone Coloured Chalk

Indoor bouldering is a sport suitable for all levels of fitness as it relies on technique and problem solving rather than just physical strength. Plus, no ropes are required! It can be done individually or as a group, you don't necessary need a partner. Through bouldering, you can learn how to use your body efficiently to reach new heights (bouldering walls are approximately 3 metres high).

It's also a great social sport as climbers tend to discuss beta (tips on how to solve the problem) and learn from each other whilst they are resting in between climbs. The climbing community in general is friendly, supportive and welcoming. In most climbing gyms, dogs and cats are more than welcome!

Get on down and visit Friction Bouldering! They are open:

  • Tue - Fri: 4pm to 10pm
  • Sat & Sun: 10am to 5pm
  • Monday: Closed

Each session will set you back $25 (adults 18+) plus shoe hire ($7). Discounts available for students (concession is $22) and youth (children 12-17 is $18).

If you are planning on climbing more than once a week, you'll save by investing in a monthly membership - unlimited climbs for $125!

Friction Bouldering is the passion project of owner/operator Jason Elshaug and his dad Steve. Born and raised in Ballarat, Jason, Steve and his brother Matt have been rock climbing and bouldering for the last 15+ years across Australia and New Zealand. Jason hopes to create a fun atmosphere and sense of community at Friction Bouldering in Ballarat.